lamina propria

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lamina pro·pri·a

n. pl. laminae pro·pri·ae (-prē-ē′)
A thin vascular layer of connective tissue beneath the epithelium of a mucous membrane.

[New Latin lāmina propria : Latin lāmina, lamina + Latin propria, feminine of proprius, proper.]
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I recently demonstrated that intestinal lamina propria resident DCs migrate towards and extend cellular processes between the tight junctions of columnar epithelium through a CCR5-dependent mechanism, take up R5 but not X4 HIV-1, and then transfer infection to susceptible T cells.
Morphologically, the duodenal lesions showed an i nfiltrate within the lamina propria that consisted of small i rregular lymphocytes forming large follicles as well as sheets (Figure 1a).
1) It is a benign tumoral entity covered with columnar or cuboid epithelium with a cystic appearance characterized by proliferation of Von Brunn islets (transitional epithelium which invaginates into lamina propria, a process induced by irritation in chronic cystitis mimicking carcinomatous invasion).
We then calculated the mean number of these cells in the epithelium, subepithelial layer of the lamina propria, and the deep paraglandular layer of the mucosa.
Histopathologic examination revealed infiltration of lymphocytes, plasma cells, and granulocytes in the lamina propria of the duodenum and cross-sections of trematodes in the lumen.
The patients who reacted to the challenges had a significantly higher number of eosinophils in the lamina propria and intraepithelial lymphocytes than those who did not react to the challenges.
Many glands (serous and mucous gland), thick lamina propria and muscularis layer (circular and longitudinal) and collagenous fibres was observed in this surfase (Fig.
The invasive urothelial carcinomas (n = 10) invaded the lamina propria (n = 5; 50%), muscularis propria (n = 4; 40%; Figure, D), and perivesical soft tissue (n = 1; 1%).
Histological investigation of the ileum and jejunum of MTX animals demonstrated a significant loss of crypt architecture and signs of crypt remodelling, severe villous epithelial atrophy, degeneration and shortening of the villus length and polymorphonucelar leucocyte infiltration in the lamina propria.
The team found that immature B-cells within the lamina propria portion of the gut were actively shuffling antibody genes, as measured by RAG levels and V(D)J recombination intermediates.
The epithelial thickness of the stomach and crop; intestinal villus height, width, and area; lamina propria height; and stomach, crop, and intestinal neutral and acidic goblet cell numbers were measured.
Inflammatory cells are identified within the lamina propria.
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