lamina propria

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lamina pro·pri·a

n. pl. laminae pro·pri·ae (-prē-ē′)
A thin vascular layer of connective tissue beneath the epithelium of a mucous membrane.

[New Latin lāmina propria : Latin lāmina, lamina + Latin propria, feminine of proprius, proper.]
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13) Often, injury to the superficial lamina propria may provoke a local response of the body to produce and densely deposit collagen within this layer, (14) inhibiting proper vibration.
Biopsy from ileum showed moderate lymphocytic infiltration with lymphoid follicle formation in lamina propria and some glands in the rectum showed polymorphonuclears exocytosis that resulted in reparative dysplastic changes, destruction, goblet cell depletion, and crypt abscess formation (figure 2).
It is of the utmost importance that the intestinal vasculature, including capillaries of the lamina propria (LP), be fully assessed when reviewing biopsies from HSCT recipients.
The lamina propria is mildly edematous and contains few congested blood vessels and focal lymphoid aggregates.
Histometric analysis: After slide preparation, the thickness of four layers: tunica mucosa (epithelium, lamina propria, lamina muscularis), tunica submucosa, tunica muscularis and tunica adventitia/serosa of all the digestive organs was measured in um with the help of automated image analysis system Image JA(r) version 1.
The covering of mucous membrane was similar to normal colon mucosa and showed slight local thinning and mucosa lamina propria bleeding, which corresponded to the observed gross mucosal dark red area of hemorrhage.
Light microscopy image of a colonoscopic biopsy with hematoxylin and eosin staining demonstrates glandular distortion (branching), increased lymphoplasma cells in lamia propria (a) H-E x 100), and cryptitis, with neutrophils infiltrating lamina propria and crypt epithelium (b) H-E x 400).
The lamina propria showed pauci-cellularity, patchy hyalinization, and fibrosis.
The lamina propria showed dense mixed inflammatory infiltrate comprising sheets of foamy histiocytes, neutrophils, eosinophils, lymphocytes and plasma cells.
An accurate determination of muscularis propria invasion (T2 disease) or even lamina propria invasion (T1 disease) is critical information for optimizing treatment and surveillance.
Described changes in the lamina propria include thickening and edema of the superficial layer, degeneration and atrophy of elastic fibers, and a decline in the number of myofibrils.
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