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a. The act or process of laminating.
b. The state of being laminated.
2. Something laminated.
3. A lamina.


1. the act of laminating or the state of being laminated
2. a layered structure
3. a layer; lamina
4. (Electrical Engineering) one of a set of iron plates forming the core of an electrical transformer
5. (Geological Science) geology laminar stratification, typically shown by shales


(ˌlæm əˈneɪ ʃən)

1. the act of laminating or of being laminated.
2. arrangement in thin layers.
3. lamina.
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Noun1.lamination - a layered structure
laminate - a sheet of material made by bonding two or more sheets or layers
structure, construction - a thing constructed; a complex entity constructed of many parts; "the structure consisted of a series of arches"; "she wore her hair in an amazing construction of whirls and ribbons"
2.lamination - bonding thin sheets together
creating from raw materials - the act of creating something that is different from the materials that went into it
veneering - the act of applying veneer
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US-based metals and logistics company Union Partners has acquired electrical steel laminations manufacturer Lamination Specialties Corp.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 5, 2018-Union Partners Acquires Manufacturer Lamination Specialties
to market SAPICI's lamination adhesives portfolio under the Sun Chemical commercial brand name.
Most recently, PS10m has been invested in a new lamination line, which produces melamine-faced chipboard, and a new tongue and groove (T&G) panel processing and packaging line.
Tenders are invited for Lamination Machine Specification As Per Below Bambile Make- Bambilio Or Universal Or Microtech 1 Machine Type Percent U2013 Electric 2 Lamination Type Percent U2013 Thermal Pouch 3 Lamination Width Percent U2013 13 Inch 4 Lamination Film Thickness Percent U2013 06.
and Sun Chemical announce they have formed a commercial alliance to market SAPICI's lamination adhesives portfolio under the Sun Chemical commercial brand name.
Given an n-dimensional lamination endowed with a Riemannian metric,Nguyen introduces the notion of a multiplicative co-cycle of rankd, where n and d are arbitrary positive integers.
Cosmo Films, an India-based manufacturer of specialty BOPP films, has launched its new range of premium lamination films.
The vibrant stall design and pre-event promotions helped in getting more and more attendees to the stand, where the company successfully launched its premium lamination films.
Because of the flexibility inherent in the FR6001's digital programming, a user can pre-set the sensor to find up to four different lamination contrast layers in a running web, and output its position to within 1/10 of a mm.
Germany-based packaging manufacturer, Paccor International, which is now a member of the Coveris group, has expanded its production capacity for PET sheet with the purchase of a complete three-layer co-extrusion line, including an in-line lamination station, for its Polish factory in Skierniewice.
Islamabad -- The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Wednesday issued stay order against the contract given to a US firm for the provision of lamination paper to the Passport and Immigration department.