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(Law) another word for lamister


(ˈlæm stər)

n. Slang.
a fugitive from the law.
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Local orinthologist Dick Lamster will present a program on nesting birds.
As Frederick Lamster has observed, in his book-length study of Borzage, "the major characters exist outside the actual or material world and within their own spatial and emotional sphere, which even physical separation and death cannot destroy".
Lamster to film in the Indies (on Lamster see Van Dijk, De Jonge and De Klerk 2000).
Master of Shadows: The Secret Diplomatic Career of Painter Peter Paul Rubens by Mark Lamster
A1 lets not lamster rage live, on a canorous Saba babassu or on a canoe, vile Garret
The ADBC has held three events so far, the most recent of which was led by design writer Mark Lamster and analyzed W.
Lalla E, Lamster IB, Hofmann MA, Bucciarelli L, Jerud AP, Tucker S, et al.
Working mostly as an envoy (operative, really) for Philip IV of Spain, Rubens's intersections with Europe's power brokers is the subject of an important new book by Mark Lamster of Brooklyn, who shows that Rubens was a key player in England's peace treaty with Spain.
As architectural historian Mark Lamster notes in the September 2011 edition of Scientific American, "2011 will go down as the single greatest year for the construction of tall buildings in history, with more than 97 skyscrapers over 200 meters (including 22 supertalls) slated for completion.