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adj. Biology
Covered with woolly hairs: a lanate stem.

[Latin lānātus, from lāna, wool.]


(ˈleɪneɪt) or


(Biology) having or consisting of a woolly covering of hairs
[C18: from Latin lānātus, from lāna wool]
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Adj.1.lanate - covered with dense cottony hairs or hairlike filaments; "the woolly aphid has a lanate coat resembling cotton"
haired, hairy, hirsute - having or covered with hair; "Jacob was a hairy man"; "a hairy caterpillar"
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In biology, is something is lanate, what does it have?
long: a-conidia, ellipsoidal, less often fusiform, each end obtuse; 13-conidia straight, lanate (Fig.
According to several toxicology reports and online anecdotes, the symptoms of poisoning in dogs, from lanate include excessive salivation, trembling, muscle spasm and sometimes diarrhoea.
8-3 cm, exceeding the internodes, greenish or the upper ones reddish toward the apex and apical margins, nerved, sparsely white lanate near the base and at the apex to glabrescent, inconspicuously denticulate neat the apex to entire, the upper peduncle bracts involucrate and resembling the primary bracts.
The mother had mixed Lanate poison to fruit salad she had prepared, said the source.
From the Greek achno, hair, and pogon, beard, in reference to the lanate pubescence on young leaves.
It was reported that the poison used was not Lanate which posed a big problem -- dog-owners have an antidote for Lanate but not for the unknown poisons being used.
Vet Evangelou Zacharias said that a cocktail of plant pesticides are often used to kill the dogs now that Lanate, the traditional poison in animal deaths, is harder to get.
Of particular concern, he said, is that he did not believe Lanate, the traditional poison in animal deaths, was used in these cases.
However, according to vets, the effect of the tough regulations -- severely restricting the sale of Lanate and similar pesticides -- is being undermined by other poisons coming from the occupied areas.
Inflorescence laxly paniculate, broadly pyramidate, tripinnate at base and bipinnate toward the apex, 65-70 cm long, 20-45 cm in diameter at base, erect, rachis white lanate but soon glabrous, dark purple-wine, rugulose, straight to slightly flexuous near the apex, 1-1.
The party, which met with Agriculture Minister Michalis Polynikis on Wednesday to discuss animal welfare and the lack of state aid and legislation towards this, said Lanate continued to be used to kill cats and dogs despite an EU-wide ban in March.