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lanceolate leaf


Shaped like the head of a lance; tapering from a rounded base toward the apex: lanceolate leaves.

[Late Latin lanceolātus, from Latin lanceola, diminutive of Latin lancea, lance; see lance.]

lan′ce·o·late′ly adv.


(ˈlɑːnsɪəˌleɪt; -lɪt) ,




(Botany) narrow and tapering to a point at each end: lanceolate leaves.
[C18: from Late Latin lanceolātus, from lanceola small lance]
ˈlanceoˌlately adv


(ˈlæn si əˌleɪt, -lɪt)

shaped like the head of a lance.
[1750–60; < New Latin lanceolātus= Latin lanciol(a) small lance (lance(a) lance + -ola -ole1) + -ātus -ate1]
lan′ce•o•late`ly, adv.
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Adj.1.lanceolate - (of a leaf shape) shaped like a lance head; narrow and tapering to a pointed apex
unsubdivided, simple - (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions
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However, based on 2 described species in Prolivatis, this genus can be distinguished from Punana by the following characters: antennal pedicel slender and long, cylindrical; genital styles slender and narrow; ventral margin of pygofer with a median club-shaped or ball-shaped projection and a pair of lateral lanceolate lobes and aedeagus laterally with several long spinose processes.
Originally a native to Asia Minor, it has a smooth red bark, spreading branches and alternate, lanceolate, glossy serate leaves.
2 cm wide, lanceolate, acuminate at the apex, exceeding the stipes, shorter than the branches, lepidote, papyraceous, spreading; stipe of the branches ca.
Spikes are dense, tapering, erect, and have green, lanceolate, awned glumes.
middle, opposite above, 20-30 on each side, lanceolate, 3-5 cm wide,
LEAF DESCRIPTION: PINNATELY COMPOUND (12 to 20 leaflets), leaflets 3" to 4" long and one-third as wide, narrow elliptic to lanceolate shape with acuminate tips and entire margins.
0 cm across the extended rays; involucres 2-seriate, glabrous; outer series of 8 lanceolate, membranous bracts, semi-succulent, 4-5 mm long; inner series of 8 lanceolate, sub-membranous bracts, sub-connate basally, hyaline toward the margins, 5-6 mm long, ca.