land cress

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: cress - of southwestern Europeland cress - of southwestern Europe; cultivated in Florida
Barbarea, genus Barbarea - biennial or perennial herbs of north temperate regions: winter cress
St. Barbara's herb, winter cress, scurvy grass - any plant of the genus Barbarea: yellow-flowered Eurasian cresses; widely cultivated for winter salad
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Plants such as American land cress, claytonia and lamb's lettuce are tough and will keep growing through the worst weather without protection.
Get a packet of winter lettuce, purslane, rocket, mizuna and land cress for just pounds 3.
If you do that now and sow a few salad leaf seeds and land cress, you'll be picking leaves in six weeks and the land cress is hardy so you can keep picking it throughout the winter.
Californian: Land Cress, Kale Red Russian, Red Chard, Rocket, Corn Salad and Spinach.
Outdoors try land cress, red cabbage and winter lettuce.
Broga now wants to expand its range and is experimenting with crops such as American land cress, okra, peppers, green beans and even carnations.
American land cress is another trendy piece of greenery.
Sow extra rows of peas and dwarf French beans as well as catch crops of salad leaves such as spinach, rocket, corn salad, land cress and lettuce.

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