land development

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: development - making an area of land more usefulland development - making an area of land more useful  
exploitation, development - the act of making some area of land or water more profitable or productive or useful; "the development of Alaskan resources"; "the exploitation of copper deposits"
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Tenders are invited for Sustainable Land Development Code
Waseem Zafar working as Deputy Director in Directorate of Land Development III has been transferred and posted as Deputy Director in the Directorate of Land Development-IV.
Summary: With a view to strengthen the contribution of urbanization and environmental management, the Land and Urban Planning law was reviewed in 2009 during a meeting held on Tuesday in Tunis by the Minister of Housing and Land Development, Mr.
Residential land development practices; a textbook on developing land into finished lots, 3d ed.
Cooper Land Development has agreed to settle the allegations that it failed to properly manage construction site stormwater runoff and implement erosion control at five of its housing developments in Missouri, West Virginia and Arkansas.
Using data for the Halifax-Dartmouth region, this paper examines the transportation-land use relationship by quantifying both the impact of road development on residential land development and the impact of residential land development on road development.
The agency's land development and legal services team raised the revenue from a number of auctions
of Metropolitan Land Development LLC, purchasers of the property.
Data suggests that a city's revenue structure impacts decision-making, specifically decisions involving land development and redevelopment.
FARMERS and landowners looking to diversify their businesses are set to benefit as two professional firms, in association with the Country Land and Business Association (CLA), join forces to offer a free master class on land development.
People who spoke on condition they not be named said a deal between McDougal and the prosecutors might involve information he could offer about loans for another land development that figures in the Whitewater case, Castle Grande.