land resources

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: resources - natural resources in the form of arable land
natural resource, natural resources - resources (actual and potential) supplied by nature
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Given that land resources are used effectively, tourism could become developing sector, said Shavkat Mukhamadjanov, Executive Director of the Union of Entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan.
Additional revenue for the account is generated from leases on state lands for commercial docks and piers, log storage and boat moorage as well as the sale of aquatic land resources such as sand, gravel and shellfish.
Description : OG: sustainable community management mechanism Establishment of lake ecosystems and land resources of Andribakely
These include the Top Farmers of America Association in the 1960's, the first organization to provide business services for leading farm operations; Farm Futures in the 1970's, the industry's first risk management publication; AgriData Resources in the 1980's, the first national computer network linking top farms; and American Land Resources in the 1990's, the first investment banking entity to utilize national farmland databases to assemble investment-grade agricultural land funds.
ISM`s board of directors has took over Co's offer, via VFC Land Resources Inc, to buy 59.
The GanSu YaSheng Group has grown into a large-scale enterprise based on its land resources and mineral reserves while relying on its hi-tech agriculture, inorganic chemistry and biology projects as its core business.
IWMP is in operation in all the districts of the State, with the financial assistance from the Department of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural Development, Govt.
The abundant supply of fresh clean ground-water, existing facilities, equipment, technology and land resources that were acquired with the Gunton Aquaculture facility provided the Corporation with the potential to develop into one of the World's larger producers of higher value, antibiotic free finfish products.
Contract notice: Maintenance of urban land resources not covered by permanent and comprehensive maintenance of green belts in lublin, located off the main road.
Lambda Alpha International created the Skyline Award more than a decade ago to recognize noteworthy and commendable instances of the practical application of the principles of land economics in the preservation, development or better utilization of the land resources of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.
Contract notice: Supply of diesel, unleaded gasoline and gasoline super, heating oil and lubricant as well as for the needs of water and land resources of the police, fire and port authorities of north and south aegean for 2014
It is also consistent with Potlatch's strategy of seeking the highest and best use of the company's land resources and generating revenue from the sale of non-strategic forestland assets.

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