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A board that is equipped with wheels and usually bindings for the feet or a seat and is ridden on land, as in kite landboarding.
intr.v. land·board·ed, land·board·ing, land·boards
To engage in landboarding.

land′board′er n.


(Skateboarding) a narrow board, with wheels larger than those on a skateboard, usually ridden while standing
ˈlandˌboarding n
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The Redcar Kiteival, in its third year, showcased powerkite sports, attracting kitesurfers and freestyle kite buggy and kite landboard specialists from across the UK.
Jack Elston, from Southend, continued the form which saw him crowned 2010 champion, winning the freestyle kite landboard competition.
At 3pm on a particularly windy Tuesday afternoon in October, there are three or four riders out on the waves, while one man known as "Tall Paul" is turning corkscrew loops in the air while being pulled along on a landboard.
In recent years West Shore has become more and more popular with devotees of kite-based sports - as well as surfing, thrill-seekers use kites to power them along on landboards, buggies and "shaky tea trays", while snow kiting is the latest craze to hit the slopes in the winter.
FOR awesome surf, stunning scenery and some of the UK's best beaches hit Watergate Bay and attend its Extreme Academy to learn to surf, kite surf, mountain board, traction kite, kite buggy or kite landboard to indulge your thrill-seeking side with world class instructors.
Southampton teenager Jack Spencer's Kite Landboard design was named overall winner, scooping him pounds 5,000 and a nine-month work placement at Audi's Design Studio in Germany.
On the water, kitesurfers competed in freestyle and course racing competitions, while on the beach competitors pulled tricks for points in the freestyle kite buggy and kite landboard events, with points counting in the race to become British champions.
On the water, expert kitesurfers will compete in freestyle and course racing competitions while on the beach, competitors will be pulling tricks for points in the freestyle kite buggy and kite landboard events.
Kite landboard and kite buggy competitions also start on Friday.
Kite buggies and kite landboards - light vehicles hauled by kites - have already been banned from Black Rock Sands in spring and summer.