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A painter of landscapes.


(Art Terms) a painter of landscapes


(ˈlændˌskeɪ pɪst)

an artist who paints landscapes.


a painter of landscapes.
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Noun1.landscapist - someone who paints landscapes
painter - an artist who paints
2.landscapist - someone who arranges features of the landscape or garden attractivelylandscapist - someone who arranges features of the landscape or garden attractively
architect, designer - someone who creates plans to be used in making something (such as buildings)
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Contract awarded for bedok view sec is looking for a landscapist to provide the following services:- (1) landscape maintenance of school compound which include trimming & pruning of plants, forking, weeding & tidying and application of insecticides (2) maintenance of 2 units of koi pond including treatment of diseased koi and check for chokages of pipes; maintenance once every 3 months.
Seymour Slive, professor emeritus in the department of fine arts at Harvard University, former director of the Harvard University Art Museums, and the world's greatest authority on Ruisdael, called the painting "a world-class masterpiece," describing it as "an unusually large, signed, and almost miraculously well-preserved masterwork by the greatest and most versatile-by far-17th-century Dutch landscapist.
A highlight is landscapist Martin Johnson Heade's "Approaching Thunder Storm" (1859).
After 1800, Turner applied his landscapist skills to paint historical scenes; and he was influenced by the 17th-century painters Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665), and Claude Lorrain (1604/5-1682)--both of whom he particularly admired.
Alison, a landscapist by profession, who lives near Dutta, is always ready to meet with the star when she wants to "just chill and relax and have fun".
An amateur landscapist and prominent connoisseur, Beaumont was a remnant of the early days of the Academy.
SUYDAM offers a catalog and history of the works of an American landscapist known for his luminist paintings.
Poelenburgh, an hilariously inept painter of nudes, was amiably allowed to paint them in a similar collaborative venture with Jan Both in The Judgement of Paris (London National Gallery), although Jan Both, primarily a landscapist, was also a more gifted figurative painter than Poelenburgh.
He also discusses the work of landscapist Sir John Evelyn of Wotton, farmers, landowners, laborers, the estate management of the Brays of Shere, and literary and artistic inspiration found there.
Other reviews make similar observations: an anonymous New Yorker reviewer says Millhauser "records the imaginative life with the luminous strokes of a landscapist and the draftsmanship of a mapmaker" (99).
He liked three oils in particular, and by the time the exhibition closed had chosen Carson's Men (1913), a luminous painting of fur trappers riding into unknown territory that, one contemporary critic thought, revealed in Russell the "inborn poetic feeling of the true landscapist.