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A painter of landscapes.


(Art Terms) a painter of landscapes


(ˈlændˌskeɪ pɪst)

an artist who paints landscapes.


a painter of landscapes.
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Noun1.landscapist - someone who paints landscapes
painter - an artist who paints
2.landscapist - someone who arranges features of the landscape or garden attractivelylandscapist - someone who arranges features of the landscape or garden attractively
architect, designer - someone who creates plans to be used in making something (such as buildings)
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My husband Ed and I were guests of renowned eco lodge expert Hitesh Mehta in Florida who introduced us to famous landscapist and book author Raymond Jungles.
It had previously been declared the work of landscapist Thomas Hofland and then Constable's pal Ramsay Richard Reinagle.
The candidate must have at least competencies: - a DPLG landscapist with experience in public space planning who will be the mandatory, d~un BET comptent en amnagement urbain, infrastructures et VRD, hydraulique, rseau d~clairage public.
Coming up the escalators, guests were met with the sight of pocket gardens lush with ferns, bamboo and other plants that thrive in the country designed by leading landscapist Ponce Veridiano.
A highlight is landscapist Martin Johnson Heade's "Approaching Thunder Storm" (1859).
The "verbal landscapist of death" (Davidson 1966: 115) created texts that mark a point of convergence between the old perception of mortality and the emergence of modernist writing.
Mussarat, whose art can stir the deep recesses of the imagination creates an art that needs no categorization; she is not a modernist, although she started her journey as one with her mentor Anna Molka Ahmed, nor is she a post-modern artist, landscapist nor expressionist but a painter/ thinker whose independent trajectory defies popular labels.
After 1800, Turner applied his landscapist skills to paint historical scenes; and he was influenced by the 17th-century painters Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665), and Claude Lorrain (1604/5-1682)--both of whom he particularly admired.
Alison, a landscapist by profession, who lives near Dutta, is always ready to meet with the star when she wants to "just chill and relax and have fun".
That is why Italy was and continues to be the birthplace of painters; which explains why, apart from Breughel--not Van der Helle, mind, but the landscapist (there are two Breughels)--why, apart from Breughel (and Ruisdael too), we in the northern latitudes boast of so few genre painters of the highest order.
An amateur landscapist and prominent connoisseur, Beaumont was a remnant of the early days of the Academy.