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adv. & adj.
To or toward land: sailing landward; the landward side of a coastal fortification.

land′wards adv.


1. lying, facing, or moving towards land
2. in the direction of the land
a variant of landwards


(ˈlænd wərd)

1. Also, land′wards. toward the land or interior.
2. lying, facing, or tending toward the land or away from the coast.
3. being in the direction of the land.
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Adv.1.landward - toward land; "landward, miles of rough grass marshes melt into low uplands"


A. ADJde hacia tierra, de la parte de la tierra
B. ADVhacia tierra
to landward(s)en la dirección de la tierra
References in classic literature ?
Standing upon the shore of eternity, I turn for a last look landward over the course by which I came.
Mark also the mighty ramparts which are pierced by the three water-gates, and sixteen others to the landward side.
When I had climbed a tall tree I first of all directed my anxious glances towards the sea; but, finding nothing hopeful there, I turned landward, and my curiosity was excited by a huge dazzling white object, so far off that I could not make out what it might be.
Then, as subtly, and coldly, and remorselessly as a sea-fog stealing landward, fear crept into her heart.
When Roy had gone she sat for a long time in the pavilion, watching a white mist creeping subtly and remorselessly landward up the harbor.
Beyond, the Pacific, dim and vast, was raising on its sky-line tumbled cloud-masses that swept landward, giving warning of the first blustering breath of winter.
The marshes on the landward side were mauve with lavender blossom, In the distance, the red-tiled cottages nestled deep among a background of green trees and rising fields.
What it was I had no guess, which for the time increased my fear of it; but I now know it must have been the roost or tide race, which had carried me away so fast and tumbled me about so cruelly, and at last, as if tired of that play, had flung out me and the spare yard upon its landward margin.
and they passed with their shouts and howls into the blackness of the landward trees.
When his eyes were clear again he saw the monster had passed and was rushing landward.
From where Kotuko and the girl were, the confusion looked no more than an uneasy, rippling, crawling movement under the horizon; but it came toward them each moment, and they could hear, far away to landward a heavy booming, as it might have been the boom of artillery through a fog.
After these amenities, the white master and the black talked of many things, the one bluffing with the white-man's superiority of intellect and knowledge, the other feeling and guessing, primitive statesman that he was, in an effort to ascertain the balance of human and political forces that bore upon his Su'u territory, ten miles square, bounded by the sea and by landward lines of an inter- tribal warfare that was older than the oldest Su'u myth.