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Noun1.langsat - East Indian tree bearing an edible yellow berry
lansa, lansat, lanseh, lanset - East Indian tart yellow berrylike fruit
genus Lansium - a dicotyledonous genus of the family Meliaceae
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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He pointed to the importance of working on the production of non-traditional crops which are needed in foreign markets, such as langsat, santol, durian, and ashwagandha, which will give the Egyptian market a fresh global outlook.
They are located on two sites in Pasir Gudang and Tanjung Langsat which operate as a single integrated petrochemicals complex.
the flexible pipelines will be manufactured at Asiaflex Products, Technip's manufacturing facility located in Tanjung Langsat, Johor, Malaysia,
The flexible pipelines will be manufactured at Asiaflex Products, Technip's manufacturing facility located in Tanjung Langsat, Johor, Malaysia and its vessels will be mobilised for installation works during the first half of 2017.
In terms of agricultural produce from the Philippines, large stocks of langsat, white onion, curly parsley, Philippine mango, garlic, morning glory leaves, bean sprout, paksoi, baby paksoi, saba, calamansi, guyabano, mangosteen (wild), jicamas, dragon fruit, durian, pomelo, papaya, tanglad, kamote (white and violet), kamias, ube, rambutan, pandan leaves, pineapple, banana, senorita banana, sweet corn and hass avocado will be available throughout the festival period.
PASIR GUDANG: MSM Malaysia Holdings (MSM) is looking to reduce its sugar processing costs by about one-third to half once its largest integrated sugar refinery at Tanjung Langsat in Johor is fully commissioned by late 2017.
Selangor, Malaysia, July 7, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - Researchers in Malaysia have found that the peel of langsat fruit contains antioxidant compounds that could be used to develop nutraceuticals.
This translation suggests that the rambeis, for instance, may have been wrongly interpreted in many later accounts because of its phonetic resemblance to a type of fruit called rambai, and hence assumed to be rambutans; but which actually has a closer resemblance to langsat and duku.
Since they are found in bunches along the trunk and branches, langsat are often cultivated by shaking the tree.
Air Products will manufacture proprietary equipment including coil wound heat exchangers and compressor-expanders at facilities in the United States, and the economizer cold boxes in Tanjung Langsat, Malaysia.
TYNE SHIPPING MOVEMENTS Arrivals Date/Time Name From To 0605 0845 Princess Seaways Ijmuiden Ro Ro3 0605 1400 City of Barcelona Sea RoRo4 0605 1859 Lady Menna Peterhead NEP Quay 2A Shepherd 0605 1900 Tanjung Langsat Gdansk NEP Quay 2A Shepherd 0605 1900 Orelia Sea A&P H 5DD Sailings Date/Time Name From To 0605 1159 Island Pride A&P H Bede Sea 0605 1530 City of Amsterdam TCT 3 Zeebrugge 0605 1700 Princess Seaways Ro Ro 3 Ijmuiden 0605 2359 Voyager Northumbrian Quay Rosyth 0605 2359 Glory Pegasus TBT Sea
MARC has withdrawn its BBB+IS and MARC-3ID /BBB+ID ratings on Tanjung Langsat Port's (TLP) MYR 250.