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Noun1.language barrier - barrier to communication resulting from speaking different languages
roadblock, barrier - any condition that makes it difficult to make progress or to achieve an objective; "intolerance is a barrier to understanding"
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We hope to address the language barrier by teaching our immigration officers the basics of conversational Chinese,' said Grifton Medina, personnel section chief of the bureau.
Though there was lot of enthusiasm amongst the people gathered, the main objective of asking him questions and getting answers from him in real time failed due to the language barrier.
Kuala Lumpur, Oct 29 (ANI): Loud snoring, language barrier, body odour and reluctance to have sex are some of the reasons why Singaporean couples ask for a divorce, says expert.
Instead, A Survivor's Guide to Living in Ireland is a text-heavy account of how to purchase a place to live in Ireland, how to seek a career or become an entrepreneur, how to live frugally, an introduction to Irish holidays, a short dictionary of Irish slang and phrases (English and Gaelic are both official languages of Ireland, and nearly everyone there speaks English, so the language barrier is less of a problem for an expatriate), and plenty of sensible advice such as "Despite Everything You'll be Criticized [by both Americans and Irish
Abruzzo said that language barrier is but one challenge created by growing cultural diversity.
O'Reilly, the language barrier so thick they "talk to each other like Tarzan and Juana.
An innovative Birmingham company is bridging the language barrier to protect employees who struggle with English.
But while the exchange of ideas across national and cultural boundaries might be a utopian end were it genuinely untrammeled, there is still the language barrier to contend with.
Chapters discuss the nuts and bolds of building a "learning economy", how to network for regional economic development, issues of language and policies to help transcent the language barrier, and much more.
A spokesman for the Seattle Police Department subsequently told reporters that, since the language barrier kept officers from immediately speaking with the victim and several other witnesses, they had acted on the best information available at the time, which was deemed sufficient to justify the arrests.
What had kept business from being conducted across the border in the past were customs and tariff regulations, the language barrier, the lack of buying power in Mexico and fear of the unknown.
The keys to successful communication, Medina says, are twofold: removal of the language barrier and more education for farmers--not only about pesticide exposure, but also about cultural issues.

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