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He seemed to have lost his own sense of what had happened in the corn field and when he put up a strong hand and took hold of the lapel of Ray's coat he shook the old man as he might have shaken a dog that had misbehaved.
He displayed a brochette of all sorts of decorations on the lapel of his frac and had a broad ribbon of some order across his shirt front.
The footman, who had a still bigger white favour on his lapel, wrapped May's white cloak about her, and Archer jumped into the brougham at her side.
If I wasn't as weak as a brimstone baby, sir," whispers Grandfather Smallweed, drawing the lawyer down to his level by the lapel of his coat and flashing some half-quenched green fire out of his angry eyes, "I'd tear the writing away from him.
He wore a silk hat and a frock coat, the lapel of which was adorned with a white geranium surrounded by leaves.
Hilbery, and stood erect, holding one lapel of his coat, and gazing into the center of the fire.
She pulled him down to her by the lapel of his coat, kissed him, and held him fast for a minute.
Why, there was a bit of the Redmond white and scarlet pinned to his coat lapel.
Cousin Ebenezer came right up to grandfather, took hold of the lapel of his coat, and said in a whisper, 'Uncle Abraham, CAN--YOU--LEND--ME--AN--AXE?
It is not often of much use, but still - He only half expected to find anything useful, but certainly he did not expect to find - not under the collar at all, but stitched carefully on the under side of the lapel - a square piece of calico with an address written on it in marking ink.
If I have a prejudice connected with money and money figures,' continued Doyce, laying that plastic workman's thumb of his on the lapel of his partner's coat, 'it is against speculating.
In a safe place Tom examined two large needles which were thrust into the lapels of his jacket, and had thread bound about them -- one needle carried white thread and the other black.