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n. pl. la·pil·li (-pĭl′ī′)
A small, solidified fragment of lava.

[Latin, diminutive of lapis, stone.]


n, pl -li (-laɪ)
(Geological Science) a small piece of lava thrown from a volcano
[C18: Latin: little stone]


(ləˈpɪl əs)

n., pl. -pil•li (-ˈpɪl aɪ)
a small stony particle ejected from a volcano.
[1740–50; < Latin: pebble, diminutive of lapis stone]


a small stone ejected by a volcano.
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Hunt and Scheibling (1998) documented that juveniles (<5 mm SL) of Nucella lapillus (Muricidae) are potentially important for limiting mussel recruitment (Mytilus trossulus and Mytilus edulis, Mytilidae) on a rocky shore in Nova Scotia (Canada) due to their ability to forage a broad size range of recently settled mussels (up to 22 mm SL) with relatively high feeding rates.
pugilis (Colton, 1905; Galindo-Perez, 2009) and other no phylogenetically related snails like Buccinun undatum (Hallers-Tjabbers, 1979), Nucella lapillus (Son & Hughes, 2000), Pomacea canaliculata (Estebenet, Martin, & Burela, 2006) and Buccinanops globulosus (Avaca, Narvarte, Martin, & Van der Molen, 2013).
2008) and Nucella lapillus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Oehlmann et al.
Nota: En lengua italiana, lapilli es plural y lapilio singular, mientras que en latin, el termino singulares lapillus y el plural es igualmente lapilli.
Variability in sex- ratios has been used to elucidate female mortality in Nucella lapillus populations from the TBT contaminated areas (Evans et al.
The same was made (ANOVA) between right and left saggita, asteriscus and lapillus.
macrocephalus was measured to the nearest 1 mm and its two lapillus otoliths were removed, cleaned, dried, and stored.
Foraging behavior of the crab Cancer pagurus feeding on the gastropods Nucella lapillus and Littorina littorea: comparisons with optimal foraging theory.
Nucella lapillus ydi'r enw gwyddonol arni hi a 'dog-whelk' yn Saesneg.