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1. Lapis lazuli.
2. A medium to dark blue.

[Short for lapis lazuli.]


(Colours) the deep blue colour of lapis lazuli
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com, Lapis defines its vision: 'We believe that music is a powerful tool in pursuit of the people's aspiration for genuine change and national empowerment.
Cemex SAB de CV (BMV:CEMEXCPO) revealed on Friday that the California Coastal Commission approved the agreement CEMEX negotiated with Commission Staff about the continued operation of the company's over 110-year-old Lapis sand plant.
In this field trial, a device that can simultaneously record GPS and sensor data across nine-axes sensor data from an accelerometer, gyrometer, and geomagnetic sensor unit developed by Lapis Semiconductor, will be attached to windsurfing sails.
lt;B Grandma's bottle containing lapis lazuli paint pigment
Mohammad Akbar Anwari, chief of the mines department, says lapis mines are located in Keran Menjan district.
The only antidote, argues Lapis is "'the gray' of social compromise and tolerance, of nuanced and considered thoughts.
Page of Pentacles: forest green sheets / royal purpose nightshirt / lapis lazuli towel / all whirling together / in the dryer / I dance to the rich / colors of the world.
Gold, iron ore, copper ore, emeralds, lapis, rubies as well as natural gas are found in the north of the country.
Pocket watches, wristwatches with Tiger's eye and Lapis Lazuli dials, watches with precious stones, watches made specially for rulers in and around the Middle East and much more are on show.
The Pope gave the Queen a sphere made of lapis lazuli, a deep blue semi-precious stone, topped with the silver cross of St Edward for her eight-month-old great-grandson, Prince George of Cambridge.
Featuring 370 carats of semi-precious Lapis Lazuli, each smooth, polished nugget of deep blue Lapis Lazuli is interspersed with a gold-plated bead.
The Egyptian clock, known as the "Temple Gate" clock, was designed by Cartier in 1927 and was inspired by the Karnak temple in Luxor, embellished with mother of pearl and lapis lazuli.