lapsang souchong

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lap·sang sou·chong

 (läp′säng′ so͞o′shông′)
A variety of Chinese black tea having a smoky flavor imparted by withering and drying the leaves over fires of pine or other resinous trees.

[Perhaps Amoy lāusiǒng, literally, venerable pine (Amoy lāu, venerable, from Middle Chinese law´; also the source of Mandarin lǎo, aged, venerable + Amoy siông, pine, from Middle Chinese sɦywŋ; also the source of Mandarin sōng) + souchong.]

Lapsang Souchong

(ˈlæpsæŋ suːˈʃɒŋ)
(Cookery) a large-leafed variety of China tea with a slightly smoky flavour
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Tom Westerland, head chef at Lucknam Park near Bath, walked away with the top prize for a menu including a main course of Welsh Wagyu beef, beer-braised onion, cavolo nero, black trumpette, crispy onion and lapsang souchong.
She also toured the Forbidden City in Beijing with husband Philip and drank Lapsang Souchong at a tea ceremony, He said they enjoyed the brew at home.
Tea can be particularly challenging to work with, he shared, but despite this, Klein continues to experiment, with hopes of being able to release a product featuring lapsang souchong in the future.
It provides a potpourri of flavor options, including the warm, aromatic spiciness of chai, the heady floral essence of jasmine, and the smoky intensity of Lapsang souchong, to name a few.
I sip a cup of lapsang souchong tea in Highgate, North London, after a bracing walk across Hampstead Heath.
The second 'spontaneous' drink I had to make in 45 minutes was called Smokey Valley and was a sour with Reyka Vodka, with rose liqueur, fresh lemon, pressed pear, homemade lapsang souchong tea syrup, Iceland moss and Icelandic lava salt with egg white.
Cocktails like the whiskey-based Black Rabbit, infused with smoky Lapsang Souchong tea, look to be just the thing after a hard day at nearby Viacom or Netflix.
But as with other specialty food and beverage categories - specifically beer, wine, cheese and coffee - specialty tea consumers are seeking out specific types, such as Darjeeling, Lapsang Souchong, Genmaicha, Matcha and other teas, and appreciating their nuances and terroir.
Dishes include Prime Rib and Porcini Mushrooms and Morel Butter, Picked Pig's Neck with Saffron Aioli and Mustard Jus, and Mango smoked on Lapsang Souchong Tea Leaves with Milk Chocolate Cake and Maple Ice Cream.
And three quarters of the way through Midwinter of the Spirit, ITVs slightlytoo-early-for-Halloween supernatural drama, my T-shirt had began to look like it had been tie-dyed with Lapsang Souchong.
He ought to have purchased gunpowder, I know, but instead Galton bought three pounds of Lapsang Souchong (for PS1 4s) and six pounds of fine coffee (for exactly PS1).