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v. lapsed, laps·ing, laps·es
a. To fall from a previous level or standard, as of accomplishment, quality, or conduct: lapse into bad habits; a team that lapsed into mediocrity halfway through the season.
b. To deviate from a prescribed or accepted way: lapse into heresy.
c. To pass gradually or smoothly; slip: lapse into reverie.
a. To come to an end, especially gradually or temporarily: He realized that his attention had lapsed and he hadn't heard the assignment.
b. To be no longer valid or active; expire: She allowed her membership to lapse after the first year.
3. Law To cease to be available as a result of expiration, disuse, or impossibility. Used of a right or privilege.
4. To go by; elapse: Years had lapsed since we last met.
To allow to lapse.
1. The act or an instance of lapsing, as:
a. A usually minor or temporary failure; a slip: a lapse of memory; a lapse in judgment.
b. A deterioration or decline: a lapse into barbarism.
c. A moral fall: a lapse from grace.
2. A break in continuity; a pause: a lapse in the conversation.
3. A period of time; an interval: a lapse of several years between the two revolutions.
4. Law The termination of a right or privilege as a result of expiration, disuse, or impossibility.

[Middle English lapsen, to deviate from the normal, from laps, lapse of time, sin (from Old French, lapse of time, from Latin lāpsus, from past participle of lābī, to lapse) and from Latin lāpsāre, frequentative of lābī.]

laps′er n.
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Noun1.lapsing - a failure to maintain a higher statelapsing - a failure to maintain a higher state
failure - an act that fails; "his failure to pass the test"
recidivism - habitual relapse into crime
References in classic literature ?
chuckled old Mazey, lapsing into soliloquy, and stirring up his ale in high triumph.
Each of these exclamations was a shriek; and I must remark of my sister, what is equally true of all the violent women I have ever seen, that passion was no excuse for her, because it is undeniable that instead of lapsing into passion, she consciously and deliberately took extraordinary pains to force herself into it, and became blindly furious by regular stages; "what was the name he gave me before the base man who swore to defend me?
After they had retired for the night it was customary for the adults to carry on a desultory conversation for a short time before lapsing into sleep, and now that I could understand their language I was always a keen listener, although I never proffered any remarks myself.
It would be impossible to detail every step of the lapsing of these monsters,--to tell how, day by day, the human semblance left them; how they gave up bandagings and wrappings, abandoned at last every stitch of clothing; how the hair began to spread over the exposed limbs; how their foreheads fell away and their faces projected; how the quasi-human intimacy I had permitted myself with some of them in the first month of my loneliness became a shuddering horror to recall.
Then, as we sat gazing into the fire, and conversation was lapsing into silence, he made a hurried confession.