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Adj.1.large-cap - of stocks of companies with a market capitalization of five billion dollars or more
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Since early April, large-cap stocks have performed considerably better than small and medium-sized (SMID) stocks, and this underperformance is not justi-fied.
Doll, who also is lead portfolio manager for the firm's large-cap mutual fund series, will assist with the portfolio transition until June 30, and will continue to serve in an advisory capacity until the end of 2012, the report said.
Sinopec won two of eight awards distributed - the grand prix for best overall investor relations by a large-cap company and best annual report and other corporate literature.
Since he had little saved for retirement, Helm suggested that he place 75% of his contribution into a mix of large-cap and small-cap growth mutual funds, 20% in international stocks, and 5% in bonds.
In contrast, large-cap growth funds have sucked up plenty of cash.
the Chicago-based mutual fund research company, large-cap growth funds were down roughly 14.
Analysts also noted the bull market has been mainly a large-cap phenomenon.
Eley thinks the excessively strong performance of large-cap growth stocks could end in 2000, and large-cap value stocks will advance, reversing a years-long trend.
One sample allocation: Between 25 percent and 50 percent of the money in a large-cap fund, 12 percent to 25 percent in a small-cap and the rest in an international fund.

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