larger than life

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larg·er than life

Very impressive or imposing: "This is a person of surpassing integrity; a man of the utmost sincerity; somewhat larger than life" (Joyce Carol Oates).
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His mind, vulgar in its effort at refinement, saw everything a little larger than life size, with the outlines blurred, in a golden mist of sentimentality.
Marjorie Hussain, an eminent art analyst, critic and curator, then spoke on the larger than life, Habib Fida Ali.
Directed by Lisa May, music by Mark Dougherty and designed by Niall Rea Starring Ross Anderson-Doherty, Patrick J O'Reilly, Rachel Murray, Jolene O'Hara, Kerri Quinn and Darren FranklinThis magical fairytale is brought to life by a fabulous cast of larger than life characters
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The Dragon Head castle is a 50,000-square-foot mansion built in 1926, but Klein has been bombarded with complaints ever since he bought the property in 2003 about its larger than life structure.
Consultant and former senior partner of Dickinson Dees law firm Graham Wright said: "Richard was larger than life.
The finished product is more than a giant copy of a model's head; it is also a larger than life depiction of character.
His ambition was larger than life, but he took Baudelaire's advice and used contemporary life as his subject matter.
Harris' characters are larger than life, and the story is unpredictable, entertaining and humorous.
Most women, and their men, dream of buxom breasts - but the reality of having larger than life boobs can be a living nightmare.
When Lyndon Baines Johnson became president on November 22, 1963, he was considered by many in the beltway establishment to be a boorish hick--bossy, uncouth, and larger than life.
Even with mind-boggling tawdriness and stupidity, our ex-President knows he still appears tantalizingly larger than life in a Democratic Party of political pygmies.