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Noun1.larvacide - an insecticide that kills the larvae of insects
insect powder, insecticide - a chemical used to kill insects
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Next, applicators treat habitats that cannot be eliminated like bird baths and drainage pipes with “mosquito dunks” or granular larvacide, preventing any existing mosquito larvae from developing into adult mosquitoes.
The officials informed that besides the spray and fogging activity, larvacide activity is also continuing and so far a large number of breeding sites have been covered under larviciding activity in Rawalpindi district.
He further said that the Health Department should ensure availability of larvacide spray medicine in its stores at least for next three months and larvacide campaign must be implemented effectively in all areas of respective districts of Rawalpindi division especially those areas where from dengue suspects were identified last year.
The company's organic larvacide product, Natular, won the U.