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n.1.(Surg.) The operation of cutting into the thyroid cartilage.
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Multi-stage methods like laryngofissure and stiffening operations with rib or cartilage substitutes rightfully belong to the past.
Laryngofissure approach for bilateral abductor paralysis.
2] laser, the transhyoid approach, the laryngofissure approach, and the lateral pharyngotomy approach.
In this case, Laryngofissure approach was selected.
The larynx was entered via a laryngofissure approach.
Injuries requiring operative intervention have historically been repaired via open approaches such as thyrotomy and laryngofissure.
A 44-year-old man presented with squamous cell carcinoma (T1aNOMO) on the left vocal fold and was prepared for a combined laryngofissure cordectomy and type III thyroplasty.
Obviously, the endoscopic approaches for the repair of type 1 and 2 clefts have many advantages over the open approaches, including avoidance of a skin incision, laryngofissure, and pharyngotomy.
Laryngofissure with keel or stent placement may be performed for more severe obstructions; it allows for simultaneous treatment of subglottic stenosis and cartilage grafting.
The treatment of choice for an oncocytic lesion is complete endoscopic excision or, if necessary, laryngofissure.
They range from the minimally invasive endoscopic needle aspiration to more involved procedures such as marsupialization, extended ventriculotomy, and the open laryngofissure approach.