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1. also la·sa·gne (lə-zän′yə) Pasta in flat, very wide strips.
2. A dish made by baking such pasta with layers of sauce and fillings such as cheese or meat.

[Italian, a flat, wide piece of pasta, possibly from Vulgar Latin *lasania, dish cooked in a vessel like a chamber pot, noodle dish (perhaps influenced by Latin laganum, thin flat sheet of dough), from Latin lasanum, chamber pot, from Greek lasanon, tripod, chamber pot, of unknown origin.]


or la•sa•gne

(ləˈzɑn yə, lɑ-)

1. large, rectangular strips of pasta.
2. a baked dish consisting of layers of this pasta, cheese, tomato sauce, and usu. ground meat.
[1840–50; < Italian < Vulgar Latin *lasania cooking pot (hence the contents of the pot)]
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Noun1.lasagna - baked dish of layers of lasagna pasta with sauce and cheese and meat or vegetableslasagna - baked dish of layers of lasagna pasta with sauce and cheese and meat or vegetables
pasta - a dish that contains pasta as its main ingredient
2.lasagna - very wide flat strips of pasta
alimentary paste, pasta - shaped and dried dough made from flour and water and sometimes egg


lasagne [ləˈzænjə] Nlasaña f
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To celebrate, Tuscany Restaurants are hosting a weeklong March Lasagna Madness when a different lasagna recipe will be showcased each day during the first week of the NCAA basketball tournament.
McNaughton honed his pasta-making skills in Northern Italy, the epicenter of fresh pasta, but when it comes to lasagna, he loves the Italian American kind he grew up with in New Jersey, made with dried semolina noodles.
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I don't have high expectations for frozen entrees in general, but with the added requirements of being vegan and gluten free, I dug into Amy's newest vegetable lasagna with a healthy degree of skepticism.
Almost a month after Ikea's horsemeat-in-the-meatballs controversy, there's more bad news for anyone who might wish to dine at your local Swedish mega-furniture store: pork in the moose lasagna.
Parmesan-breaded lasagna pieces, fried and served over alfredo sauce, topped with parmesan cheese and marinara sauce.
Available in Cheese Lasagna, Manicotti, Stuffed Shells and Vegetable Lasagna varieties, Caesar's Gluten-Free & Wheat-Free pasta has been in development for two years.
The mere thought of a heaping plate of lasagna evokes memories of a soul-satisfying comfort food.
Entertainment Ltd, the company has officially released Garfield: Lasagna World Tour, a platforming game based on Garfield, the famous cartoon cat, to North American retailers.
Lasagna then moved to the School of Medicine and Dentistry,
Philosophical disputes aside, I decided to put organic frozen convenience meals to the test in the ever-popular lasagna segment.