lash back

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w>lash back

vt sepfestbinden
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Military chiefs say China will intensify its vigilance, but not lash back, after the United States said it is to shift most of its warships to the Asia-Pacific region by 2020.
Summary: David Cameron forced to play down tensions after senior officers lash back at criticism of their response to the riot crisis.
Angry Brian took straight to Twitter to lash back at his ex, called her a "pig-faced mole" and adding: "Kerry Katona.
Details of the bid are expected to be revealed during a press conference on Thursday, when Eurocypria chairman Lefteris Ioannou is also expected to lash back at attacked from Cyprus Airways management and unions, who have been demanding that the charter airline be shut down in order to safeguard the troubled national carrier's survival.
World's first free GPS tracking devices lash back at increasing theft
Turkey's civilian leaders are feeling strong popular pressure to lash back.
She knows when she's being made fun of, but she's a bigger person than to lash back.
I wanted to lash back, but Simon had told me 'Don't hit back, don't react, don't bite.
Given the public beating the church has endured in the past four years, there would be a natural, almost understandable inclination to lash back, to hunker down, to retreat into defensiveness.