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A lass.


informal a little lass; girl


(ˈlæs i)

a young girl; lass.
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Noun1.lassie - a girl or young woman who is unmarriedlassie - a girl or young woman who is unmarried
bobby-socker, bobbysoxer - an adolescent girl wearing bobby socks (common in the 1940s)
fille, girl, miss, missy, young lady, young woman - a young woman; "a young lady of 18"
Lolita - a sexually precocious young girl


[ˈlæsi] n (mainly Scottish)fille f, jeune femme f
References in classic literature ?
Come along, lassie, come along, lassie; come along, come along.
I've a lassie back i' the town; Come day, come night, Come dark or light, She will wed me, back i' the town
quoth Robin, when he beheld his sorry countenance, "are you not he whom I heard no longer ago than yesternight caroling so blithely about 'a lassie back i' the town'?
I know she was a little plump lassie then, with a pretty pink and white face: now she's a poor little bit of a creature, fading and melting away like a snow-wreath.
On the sidewalk a Salvation lassie shook her contribution receptacle gently against my waistcoat pocket.
Then she grew frightened, and thought, 'What can a young lassie do with an iron stove?
So-and-so, my lassie is thriving well, but would it no' be more to the point to say, "O matra pulchra filia pulchrior"?
And the lads and lassies were dancing, and there was no one to save me from my fate.
The only resource obviously presenting itself to the old count was to apply for an official post, so he had come to Petersburg to look for one and also, as he said, to let the lassies enjoy themselves for the last time.
The church bells were ringing for evensong, and a squad of Salvation Army lassies came singing down Waterloo Road.
old screen, and did the lads and the lassies go making love fifty years ago just as they do now?
The lassies were pretty and agreeable; the bailie's wife was one of the best creatures that ever lived; and my uncle was in thoroughly good cue.