last minute

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last minute

The period just before a deadline, scheduled event, or other significant or concluding moment: waits until the last minute to do his taxes.

last′-min′ute adj.

last′ min′ute

(ˈmɪn ɪt)
the time just preceding a deadline or other conclusive event.
last′-min′ute, adj.
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Noun1.last minute - the latest possible momentlast minute - the latest possible moment; "money became available at the eleventh hour"; "at the last minute the government changed the rules"
moment, instant, minute, second - a particular point in time; "the moment he arrived the party began"
References in classic literature ?
take this gentleman's luggage -- Dover line twelve o'clock train -- that's it," and without waiting for another word Jerry wheeled me round to make room for other cabs that were dashing up at the last minute, and drew up on one side till the crush was past.
She never starts to get ready for luncheon till the last minute.
I know it's disgraceful, but I go to sleep at the opera, and I sit out the opera bouffe to the last minute, and enjoy it.
It was hard getting into my dress alone, and I hadn't time to eat but a mouthful, and just at the last minute, when I honestly--HONESTLY --would have thought about clearing away and locking up, I looked at the clock and knew I could hardly get back to school in time to form in the line; and I thought how dreadful it would be to go in late and get my first black mark on a Friday afternoon, with the minister's wife and the doctor's wife and the school committee all there
Kala Nag had no tusks; the chain was the badge of his authority; but for all that, he swung wide of Moti Guj at the last minute, and tried to appear as if he had brought the chain out for amusement.
I WASN'T flirting with him -- I honestly thought I cared up to the last minute -- and then -- well, I just knew I NEVER could marry him.
And at the last minute she left a message for him, to be transmitted by Tarzan of the Apes.
The patient goes on hoping till the last minute and says he is all right.
You've been holding it sideways for the last minute, and letting all the champagne run out
marched to the last minute in accordance with his gravitation.
At the last minute there was some delay while we sought a name for her.
That everyone sat round and heard all about the voyage home how the Captain had set his heart on getting there in time to keep Christmas; how everything had conspired to thwart his plan; and how, at the very last minute, he had managed to do it, and had sent a telegram to Archie, bidding him keep the secret, and be ready for his father at any moment, for the ship got into another port, and he might be late.