late sleep

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Chronic late sleep leads to a chronic sleep debt, associated with obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.
During the holy month, the drivers may suffer from fatigue because of late sleep, which directly affects their attention, focus and the ability to control the vehicle.
Schedule yourself realistically when traveling, building in time to catch up on rest with a late sleep or an added day on long or particularly active trips;
They may develop chronic sleep deprivation from late sleep onset coupled with forced morning awakenings.
5% of participants met the criteria for Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome as indicated by late sleep onset times, little or no difficulty staying asleep, and significantly later sleep and awakening times during the weekend than during the week.
In one group of women, response (defined as reduction in Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression of 50%, or Beck Depression Inventory score under 8) was quite marked with late sleep deprivation (82%), and less so with early sleep deprivation (32%).
Also covered are late sleep cycles, night fears, hunger and night feeders, snackers, nightmares, early risers, naptime.