latent hostility

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Noun1.latent hostility - feelings of hostility that are not manifestlatent hostility - feelings of hostility that are not manifest; "he could sense her latent hostility to him"; "the diplomats' first concern was to reduce international tensions"
antagonism, enmity, hostility - a state of deep-seated ill-will
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As international behaviour in the maritime medium is influenced considerably by land based imperatives, cordially or latent hostility prevalent amongst countries on land tends to be reflected in the seas.
It is a painful reminder of how the subtle divisions within a community can turn latent hostility into boiling, uncontrollable rage against today's immigrants.
These pivotal events have tapped into a latent hostility to the political status quo, to the perceived threat to identity from immigration, the threat to economic security posed by globalisation.
Determined to tell the African story without the luxury of Hollywood budgets--what he calls the 'Hollywood plantation system--he has over the years developed his own narrative style and a business model to accompany it, achieving all this in the face of real and latent hostility from a juggernaut movie industry that is instinctively suspicious of independent thinking.
Contrary to economic integration and cooperation these regions which have entirely transformed old-fashioned nationalism and historical rivalries, the troubled legacies of the partition of the British Indian Empire, suspicion, distrust and latent hostility a kind of cold war remains the defining feature of power relations in South Asia.
Of what relevance are local social tensions, extremes of wealth and poverty, unemployment rates that hover around 30 per cent and latent hostility towards privileged metropolitan French residents on the island?
Such discovery seems to activate the latent hostility the "homeful" hold for the "homeless," expressing itself in terms of looting, vandalism and occasionally worse.
Wednesday's events indicate the existence of latent hostility between local authorities in north Darfur and the DRA, which was established to oversee the implementation of the DDPD, over supposed conflicts of mandate and jurisdictions.
The latent hostility between the two men, Lawrence and the wealthy, aristocratic Crosby, offers a significant counterpoint to the well-known tensions between Frieda and Lawrence, a conflict resulting in his breaking a phonograph record over her head.
The attack once again underscored the latent hostility toward the nine-year foreign presence here, even in a city long considered to be among the safest in Afghanistan.
In a good-will gesture and despite his latent hostility to Morocco, he was granted an exclusive interview, on November 26, with Foreign Minister TaE[macron]b Fassi Fihri, said Naciri, adding that the result of the interview, which lasted over an hour, unfortunately confirmed the anti-Moroccan attitude of El Pais.
And the Muslim world must unanimously support him, not because New York City necessarily needs one more Islamic Center or prayer area, but because this latent hostility within US society and by extension across the borders informing US policies in the Muslim world must come out into the open and be confronted and eradicated.