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(Anatomy) (in anatomy) towards the side


(ˈlæt əˌræd)

Anat. toward the side.
[1805–15; < Latin later-, latus]
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The process formed by unpaired thick vertical stalk, the short and thick anterior branches directed anterad and acutely pointed, long posterior branches directed diagonally laterad, much longer and more slender, diverging and glabrous; span of the tips of long branches taking 60% width of midlobe.
Spermathecae with a small cylindrical head and a larger, rounded base, from which emerges a long, medially twisted fertilization duct pointing laterad (Figs.
The reticulations referred to by Amaral, if taken as the joining of middorsal dark markings, via diagonal stippling or solid lines to those farther laterad, are present throughout the range of L.
Frons, in lateral view, slightly convex, longer in mid line than widest part, basal margin roundly convex or truncate, one-fifth as wide as broadest part; median carina simple, with basal half obsolete, lateral margins strongly foliate basally, extending laterad beneath antennae, hence incurved into suture, disk of frons depressed at basal third, or apparently so on account of deeply foliate margins.
Shape of the ventral rim laterad to the medial emargination in broadly spatulate processes are shared by all species of the genera Dendrocoris, Procleticus, and Thoreyella (node 6 in Fig.
8, 9) tibia length less than cymbium, bulb tegulum and subtegulum prominent, ventral division of median apophysis acute distally with two points, guide of dorsal division acute, directed laterad, ectal division of retrolateral tibial apophysis prominent, projected somewhat laterally, outer edge with two points.
Counts of blotches include the anteriormost paired, slight expansions on neck, primarily laterad blotches that transcend vertebral area, and adjacent dorsal blotches that are continuous laterally.
Genae with conspicuous transverse carinae ending in a swelling beneath antennal base; frontal and genal areas laterad of carinae shallowly concave.
9]) far surpassing apex of valvifer VIII posteriorly, basal portion strongly protruded laterad, with a long apophysis (Figs.