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A red residual soil formed by the leaching of silica and by the enrichment with aluminum and iron oxides, especially in humid climates.

[Latin later, brick + -ite.]

lat′er·it′ic (-rĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Geological Science) any of a group of deposits consisting of residual insoluble deposits of ferric and aluminium oxides: formed by weathering of rocks in tropical regions
[C19: from Latin later brick, tile]
lateritic adj


(ˈlæt əˌraɪt)

any soil produced by the decomposition of underlying rocks, esp. a reddish ferruginous soil formed in tropical regions.
[1800–10; < Latin later brick]
lat`er•it′ic (-ˈrɪt ɪk) adj.


A type of reddish soil, found in tropical or subtropical regions that has been leached of its soluble minerals.
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Noun1.laterite - a red soil produced by rock decay; contains insoluble deposits of ferric and aluminum oxides
dirt, soil - the part of the earth's surface consisting of humus and disintegrated rock
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In a statement, Mindoro said the Agata nickel laterite project's performance during the quarter meant that losses had accumulated to a net of $2.
The lithofacies include: 1) Thick bedded sandstone (DLF-I), representing deposition in a delta front setting, 2) Channelized sandstone and alternate black shale (DLF-2), deposited in a delta plain setting, 3) Carbonaceous clays (DLF-3), indicating deposition in pro delta setting, and 4) Laterite (DLF-4) representing prolonged exposure of the platform under oxidizing conditions.
Tenders are invited for Nit For Selection Of Backup Supplier For Supply Of 4000 Mts Of Laterite To Malabar Cements
The future of nickel lies in laterite ore as opposed to the traditional sulfide ores, according to Hunsaker.
One of the possible ways to reduce pollutants migration in leachate is by enhancing daily soil cover material with laterite soil as amended daily soil cover in landfill.
Approximately 70% of the world's nickel reserves are contained within laterite ores, with the remaining nickel associated with sulphide deposits [1].
FKD13_435 and FKD13_436 were drilled beneath mineralised laterite at Cincinatti and also returned several narrow intervals of primary platinum mineralisation within a broader low-grade zone.
The plenary session was followed by sessions on nickel laterite hydrometallurgy, electrometallurgy, solid-state processing and smelting in pyrometallurgy, ores and processing, applications and recycling, and nickel and cobalt hydrometallurgy.
The process, developed by Sydney-based Direct Nickel, could boost the global nickel industry by making millions of tomes of untapped nickel laterite reserves economically viable to mine.
The contact is marked by the presence of laterite / bauxite/ kaolinite facies of variable thickness which owe to generally chemical weathering of the Mesozoic to Permian Formations.
8% in the British nickel laterite producer by 28 September.
This situation can be improved if the potentials of laterite as a substitute to sand is fully exploited or popularised in addition to the advantage of its wider geographical spread and local availability on nearly every building site [3].