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The process by which a laterite develops.


(ˌlætəraɪˈzeɪʃən) or


(Geological Science) the process by which a laterite develops or is formed from rock
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Due to the subdued topography, the extensive alluvial cover, heavy weathering and laterization of the local terrane, non quartz vein type auriferous sulfide bearing ores would not be expected to outcrop in surface showings and hence may have escaped detection to date by the usual direct prospecting and soil geochemical methods.
Stroke time, laterization of stroke, and type of stroke, such as ischemic (thrombotic, embolic) and hemorrhagic (hypertensive intracerebral), were recorded.
1991, Quantitative geochemical approach to pedogenesis: importance of parent material reduction, volumetric expansion and eolian influx in laterization.