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 (lā′tĭ-sēz′, lăt′ĭ-)
A plural of latex.


(Elements & Compounds) a plural of latex


(ˈlæt əˌsiz)

a pl. of latex.
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The novel polymer provides the highest tint strength, while the competitive latices, except competitive latex B, provide significantly lower tint strength.
5) Tannin samples' pH values were in an interval where NR latices should have normally been coagulated, which was not observed.
Rheology Fundamentals & Applications for Synthetic Latices and Associated Coatings Formulations
Synthomer manufactures and supplies latices and specialty emulsion polymers.
En otra investigacion se incorporaron latices sinteticos de estireno-butadieno de altos solidos y polimerizados en frio (latex de SBR), para la modificacion del bitumen en mezcla asfaltica en caliente y para emulsiones bituminosas empleadas en aplicaciones en frio como los micro-pavimentos y tratamientos superficiales.
Today we have a great variety of synthetic latices composed of nano-particles that are homogeneous, structured, hollow, multi-lobed or hybridized with other materials," said Dr.
Guo, TY, Liu, JC, Song, MD, Zhang, BH, "Effects of Carboxyl Group on the Ambient Self-Crosslinkable Polyacrylate Latices.
The adsorption of bovine serum albumin on positively and negatively charged polystyrene latices, J.
Latices 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 6# AA content (%) 0 2 4 6 8 10 AA (g) 0.
Mason, G, "Formation of Films from Latices a Theoretical Treatment.
A snack called bonda, a fritter coated with chickpea flour and then fried, comes in both savory and sweet varieties; in Cochin, a version made with coconut and raisins took the place of potato latices during Hanukkah.