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A plant duct containing latex.

[Latin latex, latic-, fluid; see latex + -fer.]


(Botany) botany a cell or group of cells in a plant that contains latex
[C19: from New Latin latic- latex + -fer]
laticiferous adj


(leɪˈtɪs ə fər)

a tubular structure through which latex circulates in a plant.
[1925–30; < New Latin latic-, s. of latex latex + -i- + -fer]
lat•i•cif•er•ous (ˌlæt əˈsɪf ər əs) adj.
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Noun1.laticifer - a plant duct containing latex
duct - a continuous tube formed by a row of elongated cells lacking intervening end walls
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Antitumor effect of laticifer proteins of Himatanthus drasticus (Mart.
16] showed that in secondary phloem of plants Brosimum gaudichaudii Trec there are more laticifer at younger trunks and branches.
It is said that the thickened primary cell walls of laticifers possess adcrustantes substances sealing the laticifer system from other adjacent cells (Fineran et al.
Aditionally, the presence of tyloses in laticifer canals in Conzatia could be a mechanism to constrain the dispersal of pathogens.
Furthermore, laticifer walls in both species did not label when incubated with the anti-pectin antibody LM5, but surrounding cell walls were labeled.
About 10% of Angiosperm species release laticifer fluids when their tissues are damaged (Farrel et al.
Laticifer structure and differentiation has been analyzed in opium poppy and alkaloids accumulation has been describes in many studies about opium poppy [11,12,13,14,21].
To understand the mechanisms that control the growth of laticifers we have begun to characterize the composition of laticifer walls and walls of surrounding cells, particularly at the shoot apex where laticifers branch between meristematic cells.
Euphorbia belongs to family Euphorbiaceae and order Euphorbials with annual and perennial plants which have cyathium in florescence and laticifer.
the milky sap stored in the articulated laticifer of the plant) intra-vaginally to the uterine opening to induce abortion (Quisumbing, 1951).
The structure and development of an unusual type of articulated laticifer in Mammillaria (Cactaceae).
Pant and Kidwai (1966) have described laticifer ontogeny in the family, and that of ducts (see below).