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n. pl. lat·i·fun·di·a (-dē-ə)
A large landed estate, especially of the ancient Romans.

[Latin lātifundium : lātus, broad + fundus, estate, base.]


n, pl -dia (-dɪə)
(Agriculture) a large agricultural estate, esp one worked by slaves in ancient Rome
[C17: from Latin lātus broad + fundus farm, estate]


(ˌlæt əˈfʌn di əm)

n., pl. -di•a (-di ə)
a large agricultural estate, esp. in the ancient world.
[1620–30; < Latin =lāt(us) wide, broad + -i- -i- + fund(us) land, farm, + -ium -ium1]
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Neukirchen Metsa Oy was advised by Latifundium Management GmbH on the acquisition.
Latifundium Management GmbH (LM) is a leading forestry investment management and advisory company focusing on large private and institutional investors and family offices.
Globally integrated consumption, they claim, involves "simplifying nature into a global latifundium.
It may also result from the fact that pan of the farming population is denied access to land suitable for farming by institutional barriers, as it is the case in Latin America with its dualism between latifundium and minifundium.
Agrarian reforms can be decisive particularly in Latin America where the dualism between latifundium and minifundium is the predominant cause of poverty and unsustainable production systems.
The purchase advised and subsequently managed by Latifundium Management GmbH covers 5,900 hectares of forest estates located in Kuhmo, Joensuu and VieremEn in Eastern Finland.
Puisque l'architecture traditionnelle des latifundiums comblait avec peine les attentes du nouveau systeme en place, il devenait necessaire d'adapter la donne.