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latrorse dehiscence (black) of anthers


adj. Botany
Facing toward the side; not turned toward or away from the axis: latrorse anthers.

[From Latin latus, later-, side (on the model of extrorse, introrse, etc.)]
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australis, from which it differs by the small stature (5 m tall, exceptionally more), laciniate stipules, membranaceous leaf blade with 8-11 lateral veins per side and margin not revolute, 2-forked dichasia (each 1 x 1 cm) axillary to the distal most leaves, tetramerous and pentamerous flowers, dark red, erose, reddish sepal margins, latrorse anthers, and slightly veined samaras 18-20 x 5-7 mm, with two locules, one of which is sterile (versus large trees to 40 m tall, entire stipules, subchartaceous leaf blade with 4-6 lateral veins per side and margin revolute, 4 to 6-forked dichasia (each 3.
Anthers with latrorse dehiscence and often with caudate apical connective appendages Plumerieae 6.