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 (lăf′ĭng-stŏk′, lä′fĭng-)
An object of jokes or ridicule; a butt.


(ˈlæf ɪŋˌstɒk, ˈlɑ fɪŋ-)

an object of ridicule; the butt of a joke or the like.
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Noun1.laughingstock - a victim of ridicule or pranks
April fool - the butt of a prank played on April 1st
dupe, victim - a person who is tricked or swindled


An object of amusement or laughter:
References in classic literature ?
Don't you know that if you go on like that, you will grow into a perfect donkey and that you'll be the laughingstock of everyone?
That I shall be the laughingstock of all Moscow, that everyone will say that you, drunk and not knowing what you were about, challenged a man you are jealous of without cause.
The Democratic candidates have clearly said they do not agree with Speaker Madigan on all the issues, but that they will work with him and all their peers to stop Illinois from being the laughingstock of the country.
As China grows, the 'China collapse theory' has collapsed and become an international laughingstock.
With the findings of the UP-PGH research team, PAO has become a laughingstock.
1 Evelyns other robotic colleagues quickly chime in, too, and tease the creator for his not-so-intelligent choice in a wireless provider, which makes him the laughingstock of the office.
Still one of the most winningest schools in UAAP history with 18 men's cage titles, UST has plummeted down to the cellar in the last two years and suddenly turned into a laughingstock that caused some Growling Tigers to lose most of their supporters.
As a teacher-scholar in the field of media law and a former campus newspaper adviser, I was stunned by another case that has made UO a laughingstock in the national press.
Iraq's prime minister and speaker of house have become the laughingstock of the nation after images were published of them staring solemnly at a white couch that was littered with water bottles and stained with blood when hundreds of protesters stormed into parliament on Saturday.
Today, the ' King of Good Times' has become a laughingstock and what's even worse for any business tycoon -- a man to be pitied -- as his numerous assets -- yacht, cars, stud farm etc.
Jeffrey Eilender, De Clercq's lawyer said that after the incidence it's been hard for her to live normally because it has turned her into a laughingstock.
We have made laughingstock of ourselves for the rest of the world.