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Noun1.lauhala - Polynesian screw pinelauhala - Polynesian screw pine    
screw pine, pandanus - any of various Old World tropical palmlike trees having huge prop roots and edible conelike fruits and leaves like pineapple leaves
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Here in the heart of the Big Island's Puna District, residents and volunteers are busy harvesting papaya and avocado, cooking farm-to-table meals, and taking classes in hula and lauhala weaving.
On tap: slack-key guitar by Paul Prince, an lomilomi massage station by Talicia Brown, Whirled Pies pizza and Hawaiian food by Everyday Kine Grindz, and a sale of traditional crafts, such as carved gourds and lauhala bean plant fiber weavings.
The Donkey Mill Art Center, a beautifully restored Kona coffee mill, will host an Art Show which will feature the works local artists throughout the festival duration, as well as a lauhala weaving workshop on select days.
DECORATING WITH LAUHALA MATS How can I attach lauhala mats to a cement wall without using adhesive?
Admiring Tutu's lauhala hat effusively, so much she had to give it to you though she was fuming inside.
Hernandez, Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, University of Hawaii, 1236 Lauhala St, Honolulu, HI 96813, USA; email: brenda@crch.
All materials were packaged in woven lauhala (plant fiber) bags, recognizing the importance of the lauhala tree in Hawaiian rituals and symbolizing the interwoven bonds of the 'ohana.
Kawahigashi's memories of her grandmother collecting hala from the uplands where her family had genealogical ties and the weaving of lauhala mats for family in Honolulu who did not maintain the practice reflect what was at stake for Hawaiians living in this village that Clissold labored to change so dramatically.
Many told us they were buying gifts to take off-island, so we created a package made from lauhala, topped with an orchid and ribbon.
The well-edited selection includes books on Maui, prints by Hawaii artist Madge Tennent, bright pareos, lauhala hats, hand-sewn pheasant hatbands, candy-colored Hawaiian quilts and tropical-fruit jams and jellies--any of which is better than a puka-shell necklace from a tacky tourist-trap shop.
Reprint requests should be addressed to Gertraud Maskarinec, MD, PhD, Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, University of Hawaii at M~noa, 1236 Lauhala Street, Honolulu, HI 96813.