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 (lôr′ē-ĭt, lŏr′-)
1. Worthy of the greatest honor or distinction: "The nation's pediatrician laureate is preparing to lay down his black bag" (James Traub).
2. Crowned or decked with laurel as a mark of honor.
3. Archaic Made of laurel sprigs, as a wreath or crown.
1. One honored or awarded a prize for great achievements especially in the arts or sciences: a Nobel laureate.
2. A poet laureate.

[Middle English, from Latin laureātus, adorned with laurel, from laurea, crown of laurel, from feminine of laureus, of laurel, from laurus, laurel.]

lau′re·ate·ship′ n.


adj (usually immediately postpositive)
1. literary crowned with laurel leaves as a sign of honour
2. (Plants) archaic made of laurel
3. (Poetry) short for poet laureate
4. a person honoured with an award for art or science: a Nobel laureate.
5. rare a person honoured with the laurel crown or wreath
[C14: from Latin laureātus, from laurea laurel]
ˈlaureateˌship n
laureation n


(ˈlɔr i ɪt, ˈlɒr-)

1. a person who has been honored for achieving distinction in a particular field or with a particular award: a Nobel laureate.
3. deserving or having special recognition for achievement (often used immediately after the noun that is modified): novelist laureate; conjurer laureate.
4. crowned or decked with laurel as a mark of honor.
[1350–1400; Middle English; < Latin laureātus crowned with laurel, derivative of laureus of laurel, derivative of laurus bay tree]


a person who has been crowned with a laurel as a mark of distinc-tion, as a poet or scholar. — laureate, adj.
See also: Honors and Regalia
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Noun1.laureate - someone honored for great achievements; figuratively someone crowned with a laurel wreath
honoree - a recipient of honors in recognition of noteworthy accomplishments
Nobel Laureate, Nobelist - winner of a Nobel prize
poet laureate - the poet officially appointed to the royal household in Great Britain; "the poet laureate is expected to provide poems for great national occasions"
Adj.1.laureate - worthy of the greatest honor or distinction; "The nation's pediatrician laureate is preparing to lay down his black bag"- James Traub
honourable, honorable - worthy of being honored; entitled to honor and respect; "an honorable man"; "led an honorable life"; "honorable service to his country"


[ˈlɔːrɪɪt] Nlaureado m
the Poet Laureate (Brit) → el Poeta Laureado


[ˈlɔːrɪɪt] n Nobel laureate in Physicsinsignito/a del Nobel per la fisica
see also poet laureate