lavaliere microphone

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lavaliere′ mi`crophone

a small microphone that hangs around the neck of a performer or speaker.
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1 Shure Uc124 Ac Powered Wireless Lavaliere Microphone.
For better audio, consider investing in a good-quality lavaliere microphone that's compatible with smartphones.
Chung's concluding remarks describe an obvious interview situation, including hot lights blaring and a lavaliere microphone clipped to Mrs.
Audio for the film required extra attention as the majority of the production sound was recorded with lavaliere microphones, which are sensitive and prone to picking up background and clothing noise.
In just a year, the digital video cameras, tripods and lavaliere microphones have become comfortable--dare I say nonexpendable--tools in their reporting arsenal.
The system installed allows meeting participants to have the same spontaneous discussions they experience in face-to-face meetings, without the restrictions or cubmersome use of lavaliere microphones.
Main session room requires at minimum two (2) screens for LCD, two (2) LCD Projectors, lavaliere microphones, and power strips on each table.
com)-- AspenMics today has introduced the versatile new HQ-M, HQ-S and HQ-SE lavaliere microphones to its HQ line, offering consumers a variety of new ways to capture high-quality audio.
All technical equipment including 2-camera set-up, ENG lighting, lavaliere microphones, small