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1. also la·val·lière (lä′vä-lyâr′) A pendant worn on a chain around the neck.
2. A small microphone that is worn around the neck.

[French lavallière, type of necktie with a large knot, after Françoise Louise de la Baume Le Blanc, Duchesse de La Vallière (1644-1710), lover of Louis XIV.]
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Noun1.lavalliere - jeweled pendant worn on a chain around the neck
pendant, pendent - an adornment that hangs from a piece of jewelry (necklace or earring)
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For fashionistas in the know, it's all about the SBS - skinny black scarf - or, if you want to be really fashion savvy, the lavalliere.
O seu rosto glabro, palido e esguio, indefinidamente muito estranho; os olhos sempre ocultos por oculos azuis, quadrados, e sobretudo negro, eterno de Verao e de Inverno, na incoerencia do feltro enorme de artista; os cabelos longos e a lavalliere de seda, num laco exagerado--tudo isto grifara bem o seu perfil na retina paspalheira da multidao inferior das esquinas.
Bouilly histoire [begin strikethrough]gravure[end strikethrough] de Melle de Lavalliere dans un cabaret sur des assiettes.
Van Slyke was traded to the Pirates from the Cardinals on April 1st, along with catcher Mike LaValliere and minor league pitcher Mike Dunne for catcher Tony Pena.
you give them what they want," said Anvil spokesman Robert LaValliere, recalling that troops had commandeered vehicles at gunpoint in a previous clash with rebels earlier that year.
Robert LaValliere Manager--Investor Relations (450) 677-2699 Fax: (450) 677-3382 E-mail: info@cambior.
Who's gone: OF Lance Johnson, OF Tim Raines, LHP Scott Radinsky, C Mike LaValliere
Bonds' toss was about six feet up the first-base line, forcing Pirates catcher Mike LaValliere to field the throw and make a desperate backhand sweep with his glove to try to tag Bream.
This chapter contains some of the book's most fascinating biographical/psychological portraits: in addition to Robin, we meet Pauline Lamotte/"Madeleine Lebouc," Eva Lavalliere, Claire Ferchaud, and Simone Weil.