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Adj.1.lavender-pink - of pink tinged with lavender
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The lavender-pink Keiko(TM) has showy blooms that fade to soft pink.
serpyllum) can also make an alternative lawn to grass, with its tiny dark green leaves and tiny lavender-pink flowers appearing in summer.
Fragrant spring flowers are followed by elongated lavender-pink fruit.
We have selected three beautiful varieties for you - the lavender-pink Delphinium Astolat, the deep-purple Black Knight and the beautiful pure-white Galahad.
The appropriately named `Balcon' variety produces sheets of flowers that drape over balconies in red, pink or lavender-pink where full-sun exposure is available.
velutina, which is a rounded bush with lavender-pink flowers.
velutina, which is a rounded bush which produces lavender-pink flowers.
Closer to the foreground, the snow becomes more sandbarlike, with lavender-pink streaks, and when we see it underprinted through the windowed faces the effect is like that of reflections in illuminated glass.
Rosa Bianca Eggplant The gourmet's choice of eggplant this Italian variety produces lavender-pink and cream streaked fist size fruits.
Rich green leaves with white edges; delicate lavender-pink blooms.
meyeri 'Palibin', which forms a compact bush covered from late spring to early summer with clusters of fragrant pale lavender-pink flowers.