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(ˈlævərək; Scottish ˈlevərək; ˈlevrək)
(Animals) a Scot and northern English dialect word for skylark1
[Old English lǣwerce lark1]


(ˈlæv ər ək, ˈleɪv rək)

also lav•rock

(ˈlæv rək)

n. Chiefly Scot.
a lark, esp. a skylark.
[1275–1325; Middle English laverok, Old English lāwerce lark1]
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30pm, Rastrick Fire Brigade was called out to a series of bins on fire at Laverock Close, Brighouse.
The report identified particular issues surrounding traffic flow along Cowpen Road and Laverock Hall Road, the two main link roads from the town centre and seafront to the A189 Spine Road, due to high levels of congestion at peak times.
There are roadworks and temporary traffic lights on Laverock Hall Road in both directions between A1061 Laverock Hall Road and B1523 Newcastle Road in Blyth.
Ian Laverock, ACBPS national manager - Maritime Capability, said: "The boat looks fantastic and it's been a culmination of a lot of hard work on behalf of the project team - the strategic team - and Gardline Australia, our partners in this project.
That result meant that HRI Wellesbourne missed out on promotion even though Andrew Laverock (2), Vitor Maclada and Arthur Bradley secured a 4-1 decision at Stockton Reserves (Martin Robbin).
By Sadler's Wells, Sky Song clicked with Lonhro's sire Octagonal to produce Laverock, his sole European Group 1 winner.
Networks of paths on both sides of Bilsdale offer some quite breathtaking views while seeking out reminders of earlier settlers on slopes and moortop - pictured on Bob Woodhouse's 5 mile Spout House circular walk is the northern end of Bilsdale seen from above Laverock Hall
But the colt showed all his old ability remains in last month's Princess of Wales's Stakes at Newmarket, where he eased to a two-and-a-half-length verdict over Godolphin runner Laverock.
Despite showing a tendency to hang, he surged up the hill at headquarters to beat Laverock by a comfortable two and a half lengths.
Godolphin have landed the race four times in the past 10 years and rely this time on recent Newmarket runner-up Laverock.
Godolphin's Laverock finished an encouraging second at Newmarket last time and will also take his chance, along with German raider Prince Flori.
But if you want a sporting bet you could do a great deal worse than grab some 25-1 each-way about Godolphin's Laverock who ran encouragingly at the Newmarket July festival.