law officer

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: officer - an officer of the lawlaw officer - an officer of the law    
defender, guardian, protector, shielder - a person who cares for persons or property
attorney general - the chief law officer of a country or state
border patrolman - someone who patrols the borders of a country
constable - a lawman with less authority and jurisdiction than a sheriff
deputy, deputy sheriff - someone authorized to exercise the powers of sheriff in emergencies
flatfoot, patrolman - a policeman who patrols a given region
gaoler, jailer, jailor, prison guard, screw, turnkey - someone who guards prisoners
police lieutenant, lieutenant - an officer in a police force
marshal, marshall - a law officer having duties similar to those of a sheriff in carrying out the judgments of a court of law
military policeman, MP - a member of the military police who polices soldiers and guards prisoners
narc, narcotics agent, nark - a lawman concerned with narcotics violations
police officer, policeman, officer - a member of a police force; "it was an accident, officer"
police sergeant, sergeant - a lawman with the rank of sergeant
sheriff - the principal law-enforcement officer in a county
solicitor general - a law officer appointed to assist an attorney general
Ranger, Texas Ranger - a member of the Texas state highway patrol; formerly a mounted lawman who maintained order on the frontier
warden - the chief official in charge of a prison
warder - a person who works in a prison and is in charge of prisoners
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The bench, which also comprised Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, asked the provincial government law officer why action was not being taken against people involved in illegal constructions on Evacuee Trust property.
The Supreme Court in the last hearing directed a federal law officer to provide CD recordings to State Minister Talal Chaudhry of his anti-judiciary speech, which led to institution of a contempt of court case against him.
During the hearing, the law officer of Bait-ul-Maal appeared before the bench to whom the court asked whether he was Supreme Court lawyer however the young law officer could not answer.
On the previous hearing, a federal law officer had suggested that the court also make cellular companies party to the case.
A federal law officer told the judge in a previous hearing that the Raja Zafarul Haq-led committee's report was incomplete, which was why it couldn't be submitted in the court.
The chief federal law officer told the judges that the government has drafted laws aimed to tackle protests.
The federal law officer said, 'only a child' had died during the protest and as many as 418 people were booked in different cases.
The Department of Justice (DoJ) announced today (October 3) that Principal Government Counsel, Mr Paul Tsang Keung, will succeed Ms Amelia Luk Siu-ping as Law Officer (International Law) with effect from October 17.
On the other hand, Rangers law officer fought for Dr Hussain s indictment and presented evidences in the court.
Announcing the operation, the Prime Minister said it was "entirely lawful" and confirmed that the Government's senior law officer, Attorney General Jeremy Wright, was consulted and "was clear there would be a clear legal basis for action in international law".
ATTORNEY General Mukul Rohatgi, Modi government's senior-most law officer, raised eyebrows in the Supreme Court on Friday when he represented a private party and that too four-star Bar owners of Kerala in their appeal against Kerala HC order upholding state government's liquor policy confining bar licences only to five star hotels.
Defending the appointment, the government's law officer argued that the office of the chairperson was not a public office but a sort of focal person.