lay back

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w>lay back

vt sep earsanlegen; personzurücklegen
References in classic literature ?
Tulliver began to lay back the tablecloths in the chest, folding and stroking them automatically.
He dosed himself with chlorodyne, took his own pulse, smoked a thermometer, and lay back on the couch with a suppressed groan.
I lay back against Ernest in the automobile, and with apathetic eyes watched the soldiers trying to get the machine out of the city.
Only, in the midst of his fever, a hand as soft as velvet and as cool as the night sea-wind touched his forehead, and a voice sounded in his ears so sweetly that the blood burned no longer in his veins, so sweetly that he lay back upon his pillow like a man under the influence of a strong narcotic and slept.
She still lay back in the chair, possessed by a torpor like the torpor of death--insensible to sound, insensible to touch.
Then he lay back in his chair and sang a foolish song that did not seem to the General to mean anything, although he listened carefully.
From my map it appeared that this city lay back from the coast a short distance, and there was another city given as Devonport, which appeared to lie at the mouth of the river Tamar.
and Marie lay back on her lounge, and began to sob disconsolately.
The man then sat upright and the woman, who now appeared to be Susan Warrington, lay back upon the ground, with her eyes shut and an absorbed look upon her face, as though she were not altogether conscious.
The old rascal had little thought of the priceless treasure hidden beneath the Ithaca's clean swept deck as he ordered his savage henchmen up her sides while he lay back upon his sleeping mat beneath the canopy which protected his vice-regal head from the blistering tropic sun.
On they rushed, and their plumes lay back upon the wind, till it seemed as though they must stamp us flat.
She lay back in the chair, her eyes closed, her mind almost a blank, crushed by a leaden feeling that the end had come to everything.