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1. A payment plan in which a buyer reserves an article of merchandise by placing a deposit with the retailer until the balance is paid in full: bought a suit on layaway.
2. An article reserved under such a plan.
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One investigation found that five CPS employees had spent a total of about $5,500 using school-purchased gift cards for services that included: car detailing at a local BMW dealership; dinner at a downtown steakhouse; and layaway payments at Kmart.
She worked with Pay Away the Layaway, which helps customers help pay their bills at Kmart.
The layaway programme Take Time to Pay allows families to fill up a trolley with whatever they want and spread the cost between now and the big day.
The Flavorus platform offers box office functionality, RFID and magnetic card ticketing, private label ticketing, reserved seating, analytics, layaway and payment plans, social media integration, fraud detection and prevention, and multi-use ticketing.
Solicitation: Selective layaway of d-line at milan army ammunition plant
Yes, it's ridiculously early to talk about the holidays--and we're having fun with that fact in our new ad campaign, aptly titled 'Ridiculous'--but we know savvy Kmart shoppers are already making their Christmas lists, managing their budgets and looking for awesome options like No Money Down Layaway and Leasing to make it easier," said Kmart chief marketing officer Kelly Cook.
AUBURN -- A generous Secret Santa paid off all layaway balances at a local Toys R Us store on Friday.
I worked at my dad's restaurant and every payday I would walk to the store and make a payment on my layaway account.
The Bentonville retailer announced Wednesday on its website that it would offer free layaway beginning Sept.
OTC: ELAY) has released a new, customizable layaway payment plugin for eCommerce merchants using the Magento platform.
Gerrick Johnson, a toy analyst with BMO Capital Markets said, 'Consumers this year will benefit from a number of new tactics that retailers have implemented: hot toy reservation systems, more aggressive price match programs, same-day online delivery, and earlier and cheaper layaway.
A launch of holiday layaway sales a month earlier than last year has helped raise expectations.