layaway plan

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lay′a•way plan`

(ˈleɪ əˌweɪ)
a method of purchasing by which an item is reserved by the store until the customer has completed payments, usu. made monthly.
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4 million for their general fund and have a 20-year layaway plan to pay it all back.
The world s largest dedicated toy retailer boosted its presence on social networking sites like Facebook and offered shoppers a layaway plan to buy holiday gifts.
A layaway plan can be 2-6 months long, with a maximum of 13 payments.
They'll also use debit cards instead of credit cards, and the once considered obsolete layaway plan is likely to enjoy a comeback.
So flexible that, even in this economy, the recent Coachella Music Festival - where tickets went for $269 - was the third-best attended in its history largely because almost 20 percent of the concertgoers bought their passes on a newly offered layaway plan.
The Wall Street Journal and others say that the humble layaway plan is regaining popularity with a cash-strapped, debt-hobbled public.
The layaway plan is another market alternative that competes with rent-to-own in that no credit check is required and cancellation of the agreement imposes no significant financial burden.
A lesson that served me well, until my interest in Astronomy, which ended when she dragged me downtown to Kilroy's to cancel my beautiful Past Due telescope I thought I could afford on that great layaway plan.
Providing real-time monitoring of each layaway plan through eLayaway's Merchant Control Center
The largest Texas supermarketer, San Antonio-based H-E-B, which sells toys and appliances as well as groceries, has also introduced a layaway plan and related promotions.