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1. A payment plan in which a buyer reserves an article of merchandise by placing a deposit with the retailer until the balance is paid in full: bought a suit on layaway.
2. An article reserved under such a plan.
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We used to just have a rack where we put all the layaway items, but because it became so important over the years, we decided to dedicate a room for layaways so we can get those items off the floor," said Jessica Bettencourt, president of Klem's.
16 article ("Anonymous donor pays off Kmart bills") about the anonymous widow who paid off several layaways at a Midwest Kmart for other shoppers - and all the thanks she asked in return was that the beneficiaries of her generosity "Remember Ben.
25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- It was announced today that Iron Horse Auction Company of Rockingham, NC is conducting an online bankruptcy auction of the real property, personal property, fixtures, guns, pawn contracts, layaway and gun loans for two area Charlotte Pawn Shops that ends Monday, October 19, 2015 at 1pm for the Real Estate, Fixtures, Layaways & Pawn Contracts & 2pm for all other Personal Property.
Some of these tools like the layaways or the old Christmas (savings) club are good fundamental ways to develop a spending plan for the holidays.
Visit Bedroom City's Labor Day weekend sale where you'll save 50 percent to 80 percent off retail on overstocks, unclaimed layaways, discontinued models and closeouts.
In addition, the company will provide ongoing updates of Toys"R"Us locations across the country where layaways have been paid off through goodwill gestures with the Shaq-A-Claus Wish Come True Tracker map.
As a final point, for those companies that have recognized gift certificates and layaways as income, a tax deduction should be available when escheat payments are made to a particular state.
Wal-Mart found that out in mid-August when, in announcing its second-quarter earnings, it said it planned to revise its accounting practices for consumer layaways.
But for the stores whose shoppers still do sign up for layaways, they're going strong, even in nontraditional ways.
Kmart is committed to helping manage back-to-school expenses by offering customers additional ways to pay, including five percent off of their layaways.
Net income after cumulative effect from change in accounting for layaways was 22 cents per share (21 cents on a diluted basis).
As a service to those who might have otherwise lost their entire layaway deposits, Diamond Furniture will honor all deposits Princess customers have on Princess layaways, for new furniture purchased from Diamond Furniture.