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Noun1.layby - designated paved area beside a main road where cars can stop temporarilylayby - designated paved area beside a main road where cars can stop temporarily
area - a part of a structure having some specific characteristic or function; "the spacious cooking area provided plenty of room for servants"
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The layby bins will instead be replaced by signs encouraging drivers to take their litter home.
Work started back in November, but prior to that, the former terminus for the number 10 bus was a layby around the junction.
Charles Ingram - who became known as the "A9 man" - was evicted from layby 52 near Blair Atholl in September 2015.
30pm On-street parking bay closures: |Riverside, Stockton (West side layby adjacent to Castlegate and east side layby adjacent to Castlegate Quay) - Sunday,November 5 from 6am until Monday, November 6, at 6am |Bishop Street - Sunday, November 5 from 6am until 10pm |Silver Street - Sunday, November 5 from 6am until 10pm |Church Road (north side layby between no 80 and Maritime Rd) - Sunday, from 6am until 10pm.
The alteration to the design has been requested through a planning application to Cardiff council which also suggests scrapping a proposed layby outside the building.
Kayleen Jennings, 30, heard a noise behind her after she stopped at a layby in the dark.
To accommodate temporary bus stops in The New Market Street layby, taxi services and disability parking have been temporarily relocated in the town centre.
Officers were called to the layby on the A487 between the Cross Foxes pub and Minffordd, near Dolgellau, after vehicles were blocked by other drivers.
The effect of the Order will be to close, at times during the works, the A69: (i) eastbound and westbound carriageways from 300 metres west of West Denton Interchange to Denton Burn Interchange, a distance of approximately 1500 metres; (ii) eastbound and westbound entry and exit slip roads at West Denton Interchange and including the associated bus stop laybys; (iii) eastbound carriageway layby approximately 420 metres west of Denton Burn Interchange; (iv) westbound carriageway laybys approximately 370 metres and 500 metres west of Denton Burn Interchange; The contact for any further information about this notice is Jill Thornhill, telephone: (0113) 283 5421, e-mail: jill.
The effect of this Order, which comes into force on Monday 2 February 2015, is to close to all traffic the layby adjacent to the A1 northbound carriageway between Kingston Park/Gosforth Interchange and North Brunton interchange, and known as Gosforth park Northbound Layby, except in the event of an emergency or for emergency service, traffic officer, vehicle recovery or highways maintenance vehicles.