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 (lā′zər, lăz′ər)
n. Archaic
A diseased person; a leper.

[Middle English, from Old French lazre, from Late Latin Lazarus, Lazarus, the beggar full of sores in a New Testament parable (Luke 16:20).]


(Pathology) an archaic word for leper
[C14: via Old French and Medieval Latin, after Lazarus]
ˈlazar-ˌlike adj


(ˈlæz ər, ˈleɪ zər)

a person infected with a disease, esp. leprosy.
[1300–50; Middle English < Medieval Latin lazarus leper, after Late Latin Lazarus Lazarus]
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Noun1.lazar - a person afflicted with leprosylazar - a person afflicted with leprosy  
diseased person, sick person, sufferer - a person suffering from an illness
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It was originally anticipated that the contract on new train supply and maintenance would be signed in September 2011, but the contract was eventually signed seven or eight months later, said RVR Director General Lazars Raizbergs.
To recognize a Lazars taxon, moreover, scientists must identify its modern representative, and such discoveries may depend greatly on serendipity.
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