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 (lăz′yo͝o-rīt′, lăz′ə-, lăzh′ə-)
A relatively rare blue, violet-blue, or greenish-blue translucent mineral, Na4-5Al3Si3O12S, the chief component of lapis lazuli.

[Medieval Latin lāzur, lapis lazuli (from Arabic lāzaward; see lapis lazuli) + -ite.]


(Minerals) a rare blue mineral consisting of a sodium–calcium–aluminium silicate and sulphide: used as the gemstone lapis lazuli. Formula: (Na,Ca)8(AlSiO4)6(SO4,S,Cl)2
[C19: from Medieval Latin lāzur lapis lazuli]


(ˈlæz əˌraɪt, ˈlæʒ ə-)

a deep blue mineral, sodium calcium silicate with sulfate, formerly ground into a pigment.
[1890–95; < Medieval Latin lāzur azure + -ite1]
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Lapis Semiconductor has developed the WindHack and WindHack Pro sensor boards for use in this field trial, in order to improve windsurfing technique, using the Lazurite IoT reference design, and provided them for this field trial.
The headband of the crown features seven gems and semiprecious stones, the names of which spell the word "Alberta": amethyst, lazurite, bloodstone, emerald, ruby, topaz and agate.
Le bandeau de la couronne comporte sept pierres precieuses et semi-precieuses dont les premieres lettres des noms en anglais forment le mot << Alberta >> : amethyste, lazurite, heliotrope (bloodstone), emeraude, rubis, topaze et agate.
Not Accepting [an] Offering: If a Bodhisattva, out of anger or pride, resists and rejects offering[s] of gold, silver, pearls, wish-fulfilling pearls, lazurite and various treasures, this is named a transgression, multiple transgression, is a transgression of a defiled nature because one forsakes sentient beings.
This picture, sophisticatedly coloured with blue lazurite and green malachite, is full of small details, people and horses marching through serpentine mountain paths, and the mountain peaks are as the decorations of this impressive journey.
The two German copies bore the expensive blue pigment lazurite, suggesting that the Bibles were intended for particularly wealthy owners.
It is isomorphorous with lazurite but does not contain sulfide ions.
Silk was the basis of Chinese exports, but the Chinese also traded bronze mirrors and imported lazurite, nephrite, horses, furs, and manufactured goods of Mediterranean origin such as glass and wool.
Lapis lazuli's consist, according to the Gemological Institute of America, is lazurite, pyrite, and calcite (lazurite itself is a natural sodium aluminum sulphosilicate).
Prequalification are invited for Negotiations on the choice of the supplier of glue facade for the object "Residential complex" Lazurite "at the intersection of Pobediteley Avenue - st.
Afghanistan has come through again with an interesting mineral miscellany, the items mentioned below hailing from unnamed digging sites penetrating the white marble of the Kokcha Valley, Badakshan (yes, the lazurite place).